Ye Olde Renaissance Festival

Some visitors to the festival dress up in costume. In the early days, many visitors did, and they made a point of dressing in the correct period.

Interesting beast, the Renaissance Faire. Or Festival. Or, you know, just Fair. In Ohio, it’s a Festival, and it starts Labor Day weekend. It goes through October. Gets a bit chilly at the festival as time goes on. Not so bad, though. Many come in costume. Actually, this time around, there were an awful lot of people NOT in costume. Or some that only dressed up their kiddies. It wasn’t quite the nerd-fest that it used to be. I suppose that’s good, I mean, that means it will continue for years to come. But part of the fun was the costumes of the visitors.

I used to have a costume. I dressed as a wench. Yes, partly because it was the cheapest way to go, but mostly because if you dress, you have to be accurate. And if you’re a medieval lady, you really don’t get to have much fun. If you’re a wench, you get to make all the bawdy jokes you want. So what happened to my costume? Oh, nothing. I still have it. I’ve just, um, outgrown it. Yeah, that’s what it was, I’ve outgrown it. No longer have the 28″ waist I had when I bought it. Never will again, either, but that’s another story for another time.

This past weekend, I visited with old friends – The Swordsmen and the Theatre in the Ground – and found some new ones. Like the Pirate Comedy Stunt Show. I walked around and saw some very impressive costumes. The 10th Doctor was taking in the sights, and the Steampunk movement was well represented. I did notice a distinct lack of Captain Jack Sparrows, and for that, I was grateful.

The most impressive costume I saw that day was easily the satyr. He couldn’t move particularly fast, and he was drenched in sweat on what was a relatively comfortable day, but he was immediately recognizable, and spend a good part of the day posing for pictures. Yes, I got one with him, too, but you can’t see his feet.

One day, I will go back in costume. I’ve already decided that I am, in fact, a gypsy, who uses magic. Now I just have to start putting something together. I already have a really cool glove piece…


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