Back on Track

It’s springtime in the middle of the US. How do I know? Well, there’s that whole calendar thing, but there’s also a wild swing in weather. We were in the 80s earlier this week, and some places were close to freezing today. I still have friends back in Colorado who keep me up-to-date about the weather out there, and, as expected, it was weirder. Snow in April isn’t uncommon out there. It is uncommon out here, but it’s not unheard of. I remember one Easter Sunday where big, fat, flakes of snow tumbled out of the sky. They didn’t stick, but they fell. It was April 19. The next year, Easter fell on the 11th, and it was in the mid-70s. It happens. It’s weird, but it happens. So, I never put away my winter blankets until May, and I get them out in September. September here can be plenty hot and humid, just like August – August is miserable. And for you Floridians, I challenge you to spend a weekend up here in August, without air conditioning. We get hot and humid, and thanks to our geography, there are no cooling breezes.

Cincinnati Bucket Boyz
Cincinnati Bucket Boyz performing at Taste of Cincinnati, 2012

Last  year, spring was very early. Well, there wasn’t much of a winter to speak of, so something had to happen. This year, spring is a little late. If it means a more mild summer, I’m fine with that. Memorial Day weekend last year had heat indices in the triple digits. Makes Taste of Cincinnati a little less fun. The beverage vendors did really well, though, and the Water Works booth was busy. Free water. Little cups. People would take two or three at a time. It was a bit warm. Horrible for me, because not only was it hot, but my blood pressure was not under control. There was no way for me to cool down. Going home didn’t help, because I didn’t have air conditioning. I did buy a window unit later that summer, after feeling the beginnings of heat exhaustion while trying to relax in my own bed. I really couldn’t get one before that just because I didn’t have the money.

Okay, I’m boring myself.

Just another long, painful week at work. Lots to do, nowhere near enough time to do it. That’s nothing new or unusual, it’s just the way it is. I’m never bored, at least. If you’re bored – as in, need something to do – in my job, especially starting this time of year, you’re doing it wrong. I have a challenging client to work with. I can get along with just about anyone. I have a hard time remaining civil to this particular person. Yes, I tried. I tried really hard. Just thinking about him makes me clench my teeth. Not good. Otherwise, I just have to deal with people who are challenging, and sometimes thoughtless, but never malicious. Not really. They’re salespeople, so they are out for themselves, and they will throw anyone under the bus if it makes them look good, but it’s not personal. Gotta have a thick skin or you won’t get far.

White Blossoms
Late afternoon sun and a strong breeze

Anyway, the magnolias have begun to bloom. Wednesday, the last warm day, I did go out shooting. I rushed out the door at work, probably took a more chances than I should have while driving home, grabbed my camera, and headed out. I thought about trying to recreate my favorite shot, but that’s probably not a good idea. There was a moment, there, that was fleeting, and I was lucky enough to be there to capture it with my camera. I took over 400 pictures at Eden Park. I haven’t finished editing those pictures, yet, but I think I got some good ones. I have gotten through a number that aren’t magnolias. I definitely got one or two that I really like. Thursday morning, I was glad I forced myself to leave the house Wednesday. It was miserable. Cold, dark, and grey all day long. Spring.


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