The Deepest Cuts

Y’know, I had a huge rant all planned, about how we’re (US) going to hell in a hand basket, and corporations are leading the charge, how there are plenty of jobs and plenty of unqualified workers because our schools are being forced to teach children how to take tests instead of how to learn, cutting arts and physical education for more time to learn how to take those tests, how what little teaching educators are allowed to do is getting slanted in a decidedly religious and unscientific way, how a very vocal, very powerful, right-wing contingent has seemingly opened hostilities against women and the poor so they don’t have to focus on the actual issues, how those same people are trying to effect a Theocracy, and making illegal laws allowing only ‘believers‘ to take office. And I did a bit of research to back up my claims, making an effort to avoid the extremist sites, since they tend to find the most slanted sources possible. It got too depressing.

Really freaking depressing.

No, we’re not Egypt; our streets are not erupting in violence.  Yet. How long, though, before people start to rise up and say “enough is enough?” How long before those who claim to be living by so-called Christian values are forced to face their own hypocrisy?

More importantly, though, how long are we going to put up with this divide? Sure, there are still moderates on either side, but their voices are being drowned out by the extremists. Sure, the extremists on the right are the most vocal, since they are in office and getting media attention, but the extremists on the left are surging forward, thanks to the proliferation of online authors.

Basically, instead of working together, we are further dividing. That divide is leading to many more people asking if we are the next Roman Empire, as far as our country’s health is concerned. Divisions between rich and poor, powerful and powerless, white and minority, and even north and south, seem to be getting wider, with no end in sight. The response from either side appears to be “if we shout our message louder, we’ll be heard,” instead of what it ought to be, “if we listen to the other side, maybe we can find a compromise that will keep from collapsing the country.”

It’s very disheartening to see everyone so anxious to prove they’re right, they refuse to acknowledge that anyone else might actually have a valid point.

Even the gibbons are sad.
Cincinnati Zoo


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