Writing Prompt Wednesday 10/23/13

This week has been painfully long. Not really sure why, it just has. All day Monday, I was sure it was later in the week. In fact, about midway through, I’d have bet every dollar I had that it was Wednesday. Really. I figure part of it is the whole ‘changing season’ thing, which, as I mentioned previously, is difficult for me. The rest is a lot of stuff going on personally. There’s stuff I can control, and stuff I can’t. I’m trying to focus on the stuff I can so I don’t become immobilized by the stuff I can’t, and everything becomes overwhelming. Oops, too late.

Photowalk 388b
From October 5th’s Photowalk

When I woke up Saturday morning, the plan was to do laundry in the morning, and go out shooting pictures that afternoon. The weather didn’t cooperate, and my mood didn’t help. I did neither. I stayed inside the entire time. I did go through photos I’d shot the previous Monday, finally, so at least there’s that. I could do without the dark and cold, but I love the changing leaves.

I was off Monday for the federal holiday. I think I mentioned that before. That morning, I had a physical scheduled. Which reminds me, I need to check for results on the website. That afternoon, I had another appointment. That gave me about three hours in between, to eat (I had to fast for the blood draw) and kill some time. I decided it would be a good time to visit Eden Park, see what the trees looked like. It was a federal holiday, but most people still had to work, so it wouldn’t be crowded. Perfect time to see what I could do at the Overlook, or maybe enjoy a less-crowded Krohn Conservatory. Except the Krohn is closed on Mondays. Well, they’re open Tuesday through Sunday – they need a day to take care of things I guess.

Haven’t been able to figure out what this is.

Still, I only had two hours by the time I got there, and a trip through the Krohn would have seriously eaten into that time, so I suppose it wasn’t a bad thing. Instead, I spent my time in the area around it. I started off with flowers beside it, flowers that were perhaps the last blooms of the year, attracting all sorts of nectar-loving creatures. I saw four different types of bees. I managed to get pictures of three of them. I got the fourth, too, but it was too small to show up (sweat bee). I was a little impressed with the shots I got, if I’m honest. Thing is, after the first ten or so, it wasn’t so much about the pictures as it was the time spent in the sun, thinking of nothing but the next shot, trying to catch bees on the move, trying to look as non-threatening as possible (there were a lot of them), living in the moment.

When I started, I didn’t realize it was closed; I had some helpful patrons who were there for pretty much the same reason I originally thought I was, who found it was closed. His wife had the day off, too. I don’t know, maybe she was a teacher or a government employee. Not Federal, of course, although they would have been off for the day, too. Lots of time to kill when you’re furloughed. No, I’m not going to get into that; ugly period of time, still lots of lies and half-truths out there, and it doesn’t change the fact that we’d probably do well to start from scratch and find people who – while strong in their convictions – are willing to compromise, work to find what is best for the whole country, not just their constituents. Still toying with the idea of starting a petition, requiring Congresspersons to wear a jumpsuit covered in patches showing who’s sponsoring them.

This one is kinda neat AND kinda creepy

So I was starting with the flowers and the bees. It was sunny, and a little warm, even. Sort of miss that – I had to scrape ice off my car yesterday morning. Once I heard the Krohn was closed, I took a moment to decide what I would do. I stayed with the flowers and the bees. Not the whole time, but quite a long time.  I walked past the front entrance, looking just to be sure. There were people inside, but they were likely volunteers, helping with maintenance. The front doors were locked, definitely locked.

The large patch of flowers and bees is on the eastern side of Krohn. To the west of Krohn is the magnolia garden, where I’ve taken a good shot or two. Of course, it’s October, so the magnolia blooms are long gone. The leaves on the trees hadn’t turned, yet – they were still a shiny green. The trees had fuzzy green buds all over them, though; magnolias to be. Depending on how winter went, it will be about six months, give or take a week, before they would bloom again. I intend to be there.

So anyway, it’s been a difficult few weeks. I’m going to stick with that as the reason why it’s been so difficult for me to keep my promises to myself. As compensation, I offer this video of a little girl dancing to the beat of her own tune, much to the delight of the audience. The original video has been marked private, and comments have been deleted, because the owner, who wants credit, doesn’t quite understand how that works.


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