What Would I Say?

I have a lot on my mind right now. And it’s cold. I meant to go outside and cover my car mirror. Actually, now that I’ve thought of it, I still might. But with all this stuff on my mind, I don’t really have enough – I guess energy – left to even follow a writing prompt, much as I’d like to. I woke up this morning feeling a little excited at the prospect of some creative writing. I have to do something – I run out of stuff to say, otherwise.

Footbridge on Western Campus, Miami University
Footbridge on Western Campus, Miami University

Now, I did mention once that I might revisit my tales of driving in Greater Cincinnati, and perhaps comparing them to Colorado Springs. Those aren’t the only two places I’ve driven, but they are the only two I’ve driven in more than a couple days. Well, Oxford Ohio area, too, but that’s an entirely different experience. I went to college up there, straight north from here on US 27. At the time, there was a stretch named “Highway to Heaven.” There were a couple dozen little crosses at one particular spot, showing all the people who’d died there from traffic accidents. Over what time period, I don’t recall, but it was unusually short. My first year in college is when the state finally got everything ready to fix the road. I don’t remember if I actually saw the crosses live – the University requested they be taken down before the students started arriving – but I did see them in the various television reports, often enough that I recognized the spot without the little crosses. I was a passenger for my first few years; back then, it was a no-car campus. You had to be a commuter, married, or at least 23 to have a car on campus. Extraordinary circumstances would make a difference, too. But there was only one place to park for most of us – Millett Hall. For someone living on North or East Quads, it’s not a big deal. It’s right there. For those in the Central or South Quads or Western, it was a good 20-minute walk just to get there. Honestly, the area is so small (one of the oldest public Universities in the US – 1809), an entire driving student body would make traffic ridiculous. But, competition for students apparently got intense, they caved and now allow cars. Parking was hard enough when cars *weren’t* allowed. Can’t imagine how much worse it is now.

Neither here nor there. I was there long enough to have an automatic parking pass. I took the extended stay option – I changed my major starting my junior year, to something that required four years and didn’t offer classes in the summer. I graduated three years later than I was planning. I’m not currently using my degree (BA Music – was going to be Music Ed, but I didn’t do my student teaching), but I don’t regret it. I have a little regret for going back to school and not finishing my Accounting master, but there were a few things going on, so I suppose I should cut myself a little slack.

There is one thing…

I was watching a mindless TV magazine show, and they mentioned a website that sounded interesting. So I took a look. It’s addictive.

What Would I Say? Connect it to your Facebook account, and it will scour your statuses and probably previous posts, and come up with a status on its own. Most of the time, the text isn’t at all coherent; lots of sentence fragments and unattached verbs and adjectives. But once in a while, there are some good ones.

These are all unedited –

  • The whole comfort factor. I kinda bummed, now.
  • In 2008, Stevie performing this, but what I’ve seen pictures, and, well, nightynight, y’all. – *Stevie came up a lot. Didn’t think I’d made that many mentions, but apparently, I did. Wonder, not Nicks.
  • I got a bit like Clapton, Prince, and green brain thingies. I’d like to see several of my hair short Daytona Beach Taking a person’s opinion in politics, in a bit of fall, anyway.
  • Swing your fingers off she’s cute – *I was going to stop here, but I couldn’t; I had to go on

This was my favorite –

  • Even the models don’t look like a higher grade of crap out, munching on my front page.

I think I’ll go cover my side mirrors. Scraping those is a royal pain. Nighty-night, y’all!


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