You Have Your Health

Initially, I considered writing about the show I saw last Sunday, The Book of Mormon – the touring cast, of course. Then I realized there just wasn’t a whole heckuva lot to say about it, other than if you are easily offended, or think South Park is stupid, don’t waste your money; this is not a show for the sensitive. Really not. If, however, you’ve watched South Park, and noticed how they stick little messages in the shows more often than not, you were entertained by that, and you’re not offended easily, then see this when you get the chance. If I could afford it, I’d go again. No characters from the TV show appear in this. Still has a very definite South Park flavor. So, okay, what else to write about?

Alms Park Color 187a
Sunset above Cincinnati – November 2013

Y’know when people complain about life, then talk themselves down by saying things like “well, at least I have my health.”? Yeah, I don’t. I mean, I do, mostly, but I don’t. My immune system isn’t as strong as the average person my age with my lifestyle, so I catch viruses I never used to catch. Seriously, I rarely got sick at all. Now I’ve already taken two days off for being ill, and it’s only the 15th of January. That does not make me happy. Today, I had a follow-up CT scan for yesterday. Really not that big a deal†, and it’s something I should have in my record anyway.

Spring Grove visit 010a
Ornamental grass early afternoon November 2013

As I was leaving the hospital‡, I couldn’t help but think about that gigantic magnetic doughnut, about the little green face that lit up when it was okay to breathe normally, and the little orange face – complete with countdown – to tell me when to hold my breath. I suppose it’s there to help people understand when to do what, but I’m not sure the graphics are all that clear without the words to tell you what they are. Then I thought about the fact that I was standing at the elevator, waiting for the doors to open, so I could ride down the single floor to where my car was parked. Why the elevator instead of the stairs? Plantar fasciitis. Years of cheap shoes that didn’t fit, with no support, on a body that already has an awkward gait. I haven’t been able to comfortably walk down stairs for months. I can usually walk up, just not down. Sometimes, I can’t walk up because the faciitis is too bad, like right now. Other times, it’s because of my knee, my right knee, that has been in three different braces since I was sixteen, so not exactly a surprise it’s now so touchy. In fact, if the kneecap is tapped ever-so-slightly right in the middle, it just goes out. That’s special, and all kinds of fun.

Alms Snow 022b
Eastern bend in the Ohio – January 2014

My scan was late enough in the afternoon that it just didn’t make sense to go back to work. It had been snowing off and on all day; since it had been warm recently, because this is January, it wasn’t sticking. The official temperature was 32, so not even the grass had much on it. While I was composing this in my head, trying to figure out exactly what I wanted to say, I started thinking about the weather, and the time of day. Big fat flakes drifting down made for an interesting scene. For the first time in two months, I wondered if it was a good time to go out shooting with my camera. I’ve taken pictures since November, but just for Christmas Eve, a weather report, and a photo scavenger hunt I’m in. Sort of goes back to the health thing, but it also goes with an energy thing, which is partially health-related, but mostly stress related.

Alms Snow 073b
View from upper level of Alms Park pavilion January 2014

So I went home, I grabbed my camera, and I headed out. Then I stopped at the grocery store, because I was out of eggs, and we’re doing a soup thing at work on Friday. I needed stuff for chili; like ground chuck, fresh garlic, fresh onion, stuff like that. Smells really good in here right now. Figured I couldn’t do this tomorrow, because of choir rehearsal – I’m hoping this time that I actually make it church to sing. It’ll be the first time since before Christmas Eve.

Right, so I took pictures for fun, for the first time since November. My feet hurt, I’m making chili – it’ll taste better after 24 hours anyway – and it’s already after 9:30. I realized that writing a whole post was just not going to happen. Decided to just do a photo post instead.

C’mon now, this is shorter than the average post. By maybe two hundred words, but that’s shorter…


†No, really, not a big deal. Just ruling out kidney stones; not all that uncommon. My health has not changed.

‡My scan was originally scheduled for 1:30 at an office nearby, but their machine went down. So, scheduled for later, further away, in the actual hospital. That’s being remodeled. Like, parking garage being moved remodeled. So that was fun.


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