It’s Wednesday; I’m pretty sure about that. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. was on last night, as was Mind Games, and those are on Tuesday nights. Since, oh, last Wednesday, I’ve really not had a good grasp on what day it was. Not sure what was going on, other than ridiculous stress, and coming out the other side. Still stressed, still trying to figure out how everyone is getting paid this month, but it’s not keeping me up at nights – since, oh, Monday, I think.

Tomorrow is an anniversary, and this year it’s hitting a bit harder than in the past. My emotions are a bit closer to the surface than I like, so stories like this one, with a woman who drove into the ocean with her children, are affecting me more than they normally would. It was hard finding a story link without the judgmental comments from people who decide they know better than anyone else, people without compassion for anyone who behaves differently than they think they should. It saddened me that the woman had reached a point in her head where she felt this was the best option. Of course, with the responses of some of the public, we can see why she might not have gone for help before. Why get help when people will decide you are incompetent, lazy, or just generally worthless? What’s the incentive?

So, I am going with a photo post today. Works out, really – right now is the ArtsWave campaign at work. Last year, among the events to bring attention to it was an art show at work. I brought a couple of photos to display, mostly just to get out there, get comfortable with deliberately showing my work, instead of the post-it-online-and-hope-people-see-it approach. Even sold one. This year, I’m doing it again. Except I found a place to print my photos a lot cheaper than the last time, and I’m planning on showing not just ones for sale, but for examples, a few portraits I took.

These are the photos I have decided to show next week:

Daytona Morning 039d
Daytona Beach, Florida. August 2013.
Balluminaria 2012 411d
Eden Park, Cincinnati, Ohio. Balluminaria, November 2012.
Alli Yola Engagement 120d
Spring Grove Cemetery, November 2013. Sure, it’s a cemetery, but it’s also beautifully-landscaped.
Bridal Workshop - Amanda 021d2
Alms Park, Cincinnati, Ohio, November 2013. Part of a bridal workshop, one of over 450 shots I took. Still need to finish editing.
2012-11-17 Balluminaria 2012 448c1
Eden Park, Cincinnati, Ohio. Balluminaria, November 2012.
2012-12-29 Eden Snow 006bs
Eden Park, Cincinnati, Ohio, December 2012. Gazebo, by the site of a former spring house.
Daytona Dawn 127b
Daytona Beach, Florida, August 2013

So, that’s it, that’s all I really have the energy to do today. Gotta go have some dinner, now.


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