Last Day

These things are all over the place. More on the east side than the west.
These things are all over the place, making their way west slowly but surely.

This winter has been miserable. I think most of the continental US would agree, it’s been a bit of a nightmare. I’ve been fighting various illnesses since December, like many others at work and on my Facebook page. I’ve gotten very comfortable driving in hilly ice, though, so there’s that. Who needs 4-wheel drive? Well, if I were a skier and still in Colorado, I would, but I’m not, so I don’t. Tomorrow is one of my favorite days of the year, the first (astronomical) day of spring! Songbirds start migrating back this way, singing at 5:30 in the morning just outside my window, Canada geese congregate on the field by my workplace, honking away, the little Lazarus lizards that some kid brought back from Italy because they were cute come out from their little hiding places to sun themselves. I didn’t see a whole lot of them last summer, but in 2011 and 2012, every time I walked up my front steps, on a sunny day, there was at least one scurrying away. Kinda missed seeing them, if I’m honest. I was a little concerned that maybe the feral cats around here found them a tasty treat. Sure, that’s probably the case for some, but I hope not all. They eat a lot of bugs, after all.

Somewhere, a tree has the beginnings of new spring leaves. Somewhere, a daffodil is working its way through the soil. Somewhere, light green shoots are pushing their way up past the dead, dry grass that should have been cut in October. Never managed to get schedules together, and I don’t have my own mower. Way too complicated to get it in and out of my garage even if I did. So, I have to find someone to mow it periodically. Today when I left work, it was raining. By the time I got to my car, it had stopped, and the sun was shining. Very spring-like weather, I thought. Of course, the other spring-like weather includes sirens and hanging out in the basement or bathroom until whatever it is has passed, hoping the batteries in your radio and your flashlight hold out. I’m in the city, in the city limits, so I don’t generally have to deal with that all too often, thankfully. My friends in some of the suburbs, though, aren’t always so lucky.

Bradford Pear
Spring blossoms from last year

Spring. Tomorrow. The weather is even going to cooperate a little. Tonight’s low will be close to freezing, which sounds horrible but, when compared to highs of 19 just a couple weeks ago, is not so bad. Saturday, I’ll do laundry. Okay, I’ll probably actually do it Sunday, and spend Saturday talking myself into leaving the house with my camera. Not sure how far I’ll go or for how long, ‘cuz the whole walking thing is a bit more challenging than it ought to be, but a good stretch will help. Maybe a wander along the river? A bit short on greenery, but it is a nice walk. Plus, I can give the whistle grove at the National Steamboat monument another try.

Tomorrow, though, the first day of spring, I will go to work, I will come home, I will look around my nearly-empty freezer and try to figure out what’s for dinner, and I will go to my choir rehearsal. It’ll be a nice day, I’ve decided. Things have straightened out a bit at work, so that’s not as stressful as it has been. And it is warming up. And, this nasty cold seems to be going away bit by bit. Once the weather gets a little more consistent, maybe I’ll have more than a week where I feel well. It could happen.

Keeping it short again. I had other plans this evening that didn’t pan out, so I actually hadn’t planned on a post at all.

Afternoon Out 160a1
Okay, one more from a previous spring.

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