So it’s Sunday, not Saturday. I didn’t forget – I was out shooting. It was too beautiful to pass up. I spent the day in two of my favorite parks, Eden and Ault. Had to see how the magnolias were coming along.

These are from Eden Park on Saturday:

Eden Bloom_0282b
Eden Park Gazebo
Eden Bloom_0322a1
Big Mac (Daniel Carter Beard) bridge, across the Ohio, from Eden Park
Eden Bloom_0337a
Eden Park standpipe (water tower, listed on national register of historic places)
Eden Bloom_0351a
White magnolias, ready to shed their petals


And these are from Ault Park, after I had a little lunch, so I wouldn’t pass out in the middle of the parking lot.

2014 04 05_Ault Blooms_0710a
Not positive, but I think this is a maple tree.
Ault Blooms_0562a
Backlit magnolia, Ault Park
Ault Blooms_0607a
Wilting magnolias, Ault Park
Ault Blooms_0648b
Place of rest, Ault Park. There are two of these there.


The sky was really blue yesterday; a blue I saw quite often in Colorado, but only right about this time of year here.

Wednesday or next Saturday, I’ll pick up on the highly-sensitive person thing – unless I’m bored with it or think of something else, like that idea I had yesterday afternoon but didn’t write down so it’s lost to the ether.


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