It’s been a rough couple of weeks, sorry. Lots of not fun times, bit of pain and fatigue, just got to me, so I took a bit of a break. I had a few ideas of what to write, but none of them came to fruition, obviously. I haven’t really had the energy to go out with my camera and shoot, so I haven’t taken anything for fun in weeks. I can’t let that continue.

Special t-shirt for the evening, and my place in line.
Special t-shirt for the evening, and my place in line.

That was the plan for today, in fact, get up and go out with my camera after some breakfast and a couple of errands. I left the house before ten, planning to get to a restaurant that is very popular. I didn’t want to get there too late – I’d have had to wait half-an-hour if I did, or sit at the communal table with a bunch of strangers, and I just wasn’t in the mood for that. So, off I go, wait maybe ten minutes, sit reading my book (Order of the Phoenix), and enjoy a Belgian waffle with a lovely berry compote at my very own table. When I left, the line had gotten quite a bit longer; I timed it well.

Then to my errands. First, a book. The series by Kim Harrison (Dawn Cook), takes place in the Hollows and across the river – the Greater Cincinnati area. The book is to be released at midnight, September 9th. Since this is the primary setting, it only makes sense it kick off here, starting at Joseph-Beth Booksellers. Today, I bought the final book in the series – The Witch With No Name. Well, not the book, but a place in line, and a future copy of the book. A VIP ticket, no less, so a guaranteed place in line. I’m going to be exhausted on the 9th. I keep going back and forth on taking the day off, since I will be extremely tired, but part of me doesn’t want to, because I have just over three days of vacation left. I think I need to get over that and just take the day off. It’ll be a wasted day at work, otherwise. Maybe I’ll feel better if I only take a half day, leave at noon so I can get home and get some sleep, but still stand a chance of getting something done at work. Going in late doesn’t appeal at all.

Anyway, the book had to happen. I already bought the tour t-shirt, which came in the mail the day after I asked about it. I knew it would be a while, since it was a special, low-volume run, it just took a little longer than I expected.

Thing is, yesterday was payday. A very large bill I had to pay off was paid, so I have a little more money than I’ve had for, oh, over a year-and-a-half. And I was in a bookstore. Probably could have made better decisions, but I mean, it’s a bookstore. That’s supposed to be okay, right? I had to buy the book previous, of course, and it happened to be available in paperback, thank goodness. I’m fighting the urge to buy the other one I have signed in paperback – the rest of the series is paperback, see, so it just makes sense. Looks better on the shelf if they’re all the same. All of my Harry Potter and Hunger Games books are hardcover, as is my Earth’s Children (Clan of the Cave Bear) series, because I could get the entire series in hardcover.

Just a couple more things...
Just a couple more things…

Right, so bought the penultimate book in paperback, then noticed there was a second series of Terry Goodkind’s Sword of Truth books. I had the entire first series – well, I used to, anyway. After I read the last one, I was so disappointed, I sold them all. Very upsetting, considering how many times I’d read the previous ten books. It felt like he’d phoned it in, like he had an intern outline the story, rather than writing it himself. The series was being turned into a television show (only two seasons); his attentions were divided. Still, the first ten – and the one-off book – were very good, so, I decided to give him a second chance – I bought the first book of the second series, and re-purchased the first three of the original. And a sonic screwdriver because why not?

I managed to walk out with just those few things, spending four times as much as I’d intended. But again, VIP place in line, so, worth it. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

Having failed at restraint for my first errand, I thought I would give my second a try. I needed a new pillow. I’d bought one a couple days ago, big and fluffy, thought it might help. Woke up in pain, so no. A new pillow was necessary, I’m afraid, and I’d have to spend more than $9.99 on it. Off to Bed Bath and Beyond. “Beyond,” by the way, did not involve a trip into a weird space, just going through the kitchen goods. I’d forgotten how hard it was to walk through kitchen goods. I bought a new cutting board – something I’d been looking for for months, so I don’t feel too badly about that, and of course a pillow which, hopefully, will be more effective than the last. The Beyond, however, included more than just a cutting board – a very nice cutting board, mind you, it should work better than the ones I have now, flat, no gutter, no stabilization, might as well just use the counter. There were pans. Nothing spectacular, just a couple of skillets, 8″ and 10″, ceramic-coated, well-weighted, oven-safe handles. Oh, and Calphalon. I’m not a huge fan of my current kitchen, but I do still enjoy cooking. I have cheaper ceramic pans, a little 8″ one, and a smaller, cheaper, 7″ one, both of which I do like. I’d wanted a larger one for some time, just hadn’t found one. So technically it wasn’t a splurge, because it was something I was going to buy anyway. So there. Yeah, I think that rationalizes it quite nicely.

Mostly, I’m glad I had the restraint to not walk into Sur la Table. That could have gotten bad. 

Hopefully it will cool off again – end of August and summer finally shows up – so I can go out shooting. I must admit, the mornings and evenings are wonderful – steamy, thick air, full of the song of annual cicadas and crickets and whatever else is out there in the trees singing away, and a stillness, a peace, while everything makes preparations for the winter to come. Fairly recently, there was a very foggy morning. Maybe 70 degrees outside, 100% humidity, low visibility, air you could cup in your hand and drink. I’d wished it were a Saturday or Sunday, so I could get in my car and find a park overlooking the river, and just sit, watching the mist caress the buildings, swirling around the cars on the road, gradually rising as the sun became stronger, finally burning off in the middle of the morning.

I loved that morning.

I hope to get back into the swing by next Saturday, if not Wednesday. For now, though, I think I’m done. Besides, the 2nd episode of this season’s Doctor Who is starting soon…

DW Capaldi Eyebrows


*Yes, Harry Potter. Would you rather find I was reading Guns, Germs, and Steel by Jared Diamond – about the possible influence climate and geography had on human expansion?
I mean, I do actually own it; I’m just reading Harry Potter right now, okay?


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