Okay, it’s a day off, but yesterday was Talk Like a Pirate day, a high holy day of the Pastafarian religion. They didn’t create it, but pirates are sacred, so it only made sense. I mean really, a season of rebirth and new life and Easter? Natural connection there. I had a little fun with it, but not all that much, because I’d forgotten – as I often do – until the middle of the afternoon. I did get in a couple of nice piratical comments, and I even changed the language on my Facebook page to English (Pirate) for a few hours. That’s really about it, though. For the most part, my day was consumed with work, taking a break from work, discussing work, doing more work, then leaving work and debating whether I would attempt to do laundry that evening or wait until next week some time, since this weekend was out of the question.

Oktoberfest Zinzinnati 2012
The Nikes totally make the outfit. 2012

Oktoberfest weekend; can’t miss that. Oh, and the Cincinnati Comic Expo is this weekend, too, as it has been for at least the last few years. Except last year; last year we had the George Takei Chicken Dance, which resulted in a GIGANTIC crowd, particularly of people who’ve never before graced the streets of Zinzinnati. Billed as the second-largest Oktoberfest in the world – if you want authentic, well, we have those too, but they’re not this one. This one’s just a big party; a really big party with a lot of beer and food – we once hosted the world’s largest Chicken Dance, with an estimated 40-50 thousand participants, if memory serves. That record’s long since been shattered, but that doesn’t matter; the Chicken Dance is a required element of the Oktoberfest – it was originally started in honor of our strong Bavarian heritage, from the surge of immigrants in the 1800s. I’ve seen photos of the area – I can see why they settled here. A little short on majestic, snow-capped peaks, but big on bazillions of river valleys. A bit more to it than that, I’m sure, but the photos I’ve seen look a lot like home to me. Although, we do seem to have more neighborhoods perched on the side of a steep hill that’s not quite a mountain, but just as nasty to drive (I lived in Colorado for ten years – I know what I’m talking about).

Anyway, Bavarian pride, Oktoberfest second largest in world – not in visitors, which tends to be at the 400-500,000 level, but the celebration itself – lots of beer, lots of bratwurst, lots of potato pancakes, mettwurst (similar to smoked sausage or kielbasa), and lots of live music. At least four stages; I can’t remember if there’s more. Some are bigger than others. There, at least, there is a bit of tradition. Want an Oompa band? Got it. And they’re good. We might not be NYC, but we have an awful lot of artistic talent. The Naked Cowboy is from here. And NYC, Boston, DC, London, they keep poaching our conductors!

Couldn’t do laundry on Sunday either because football. Duh!

Eden View_0033a
Canada Goose eyeing me warily

I did finally get out with my camera a couple weeks ago. I may have mentioned that. Then again, I may have been otherwise distracted. I’d taken a half day the day after the book signing I attended. Figured I’d be useless by noon, but I did want to try and accomplish something at work, and going in late, well, no. I wasn’t too far off, either; I left work and I could barely keep my eyes open. But it was a beautiful day. Sunny, not too warm, not too cold, still plenty of green, not even very humid. I hadn’t been out with my camera for fun since July 29th. I’m not counting the few shots I took from my porch, since I didn’t even have to put on a bra for that. Yes, that’s a bigger deal than shoes, fellas.

It took me a while to figure out where I would go. I didn’t want to go too far because, well, I was quite tired – I didn’t get home the night before until almost 1 am – and I’m still having trouble with my feet and knees, although the feet are a bit better. The knee has been trying to go out on me for the last couple of weeks. I’m ready for it! Fine, I’m not, but I figure the whole positive thinking thing might work, right? No? Okay.

I knew I didn’t want to go to Ault Park. There, for me, it’s about the early spring flowers and the people watching. Alms park sounded nice, but it’s small. Mt Echo park also seemed like a good idea, but that was 20 – 25 minutes across town, and it was nearly rush hour when I finally left the house. No. So, I went to Eden Park.

Wasn’t that exciting?

I’m working on getting back into the habit, trying not to let this slide. It’s something I want to do, whether anyone reads or not. It’s for me. Pretty selfish, huh?


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