I’m stumped. I’ve been up since 5 – first time in a long time for that – and I’ve been trying to figure out what to write. If I posted more than once a week, consistently, I might consider a theme for each post, like my friend at An Earful of Cider, but as yet, I’ve not really been able to stick with one. I’m going to blame that on my INTP-ness. Stop giggling, now, that’s not my fault. Okay, fine, I suppose I could have gone with INTPersonality, but what fun would that be?

I’ve had to resort to looking for prompts from the WordPress and The Daily Post Twitter feeds. I suppose there are worse things. Not having a computer at all, for one, having a computer and no internet for another. Been there, done that, really don’t want to do it again. I went into severe withdrawal. Thankfully, the libraries have computers, and one nearby is usually available. The one in my neighborhood is generally occupied, since having a computer and internet access are low on the priority scale, where the decision between paying the entire utility bill or part of it and groceries isn’t that uncommon. Not everyone, there are some *very* nice areas in my tiny neighborhood. We seem to run the gamut, actually. Go figure. I spent so much time at the library, until a friend gave me an old laptop. It finally crashed for the last time, so again I was traumatized. Another friend gave me an old tablet he didn’t need anymore. That still works perfectly well, which means should the time come to replace it, I will likely buy the same, only larger.

Well that one derailed quickly.

Newport on the Levee
Night, check, home, check!

The prompts didn’t really help. The photo a day one is pretty good, though, from The Daily Post, it’s night, and from WordPress, it’s home. I think I can manage that.

Funny coincidence, I’m on a photo scavenger hunt board. Yesterday’s search was for home as well. We don’t have to use our own photos, but a lot of us do. I just ask people to credit photos that aren’t theirs if at all possible. Not much to ask, is it? The photos I used for that were, well, actually, one was from earlier in the evening from the one here, and the other was just an evening at my father’s house, full of my brothers and sisters, nieces, nephews, and their kids. That part’s a bit surreal to me. Common problem, I suppose, I look at them and I still see their fat little legs propelling them through the house, careening off the forest of adults, furniture, walls, stopping to pick up an interesting bit of string, trying to taste it, someone catching them before they do. And now they have their own little ones, most of whom are also ambulatory. One is even in school! I suppose I just wasn’t ready for that. We had a short period of time where it was mostly adults and older kids, when we would gather and talk and play games. Now we’re back to chasing little people. Really not complaining. At all. I miss the adult times, but I do so love to see the next generation. I’ve probably said that before. Bears repeating. Again.

Finally Home
Downtown from I-75 just after the Cut in the Hill. We know what that means. Great American tower under construction.

Another view of home, this one with the Great American tower still in progress. Nothing more beautiful to a homesick Cincinnatian.
Oh, the title, almost forgot. Stumped, as I mentioned, so I went with the first thing that popped in my head – I was looking through my DVDs while still trying to decide if I was going to get up, and I found Flash Gordon! I replaced it after all. Relief!

I wound up not going to Oktoberfest OR the comic expo last weekend, just sitting at home relaxing. I needed that, apparently. I’ll need it again, too. I’ve managed to book myself almost every weekend between now and November 2nd. Not very good at this introvert thing, am I? I’ll work on that.

Here we are near the end of where I like to be, and I still haven’t found a topic. Perhaps next week will be better. I have a few things on my mind. Gotta go get bloodwork done this morning for my appointment on the 6th, a little more than a week away. Best chance to do it. That’s making me a little anxious. This could mean the difference between putting down a deposit for the choir’s trip to Vienna, or missing it once again. Yeah, kind of at about that point.

Wasn’t that cheerful. One more shot of home. For the road.

Easter Eve_0269a
This, more than any building or point on a map, this is home.

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