Won in an auction at work for United Way. Don't be jealous...
Won in an auction at work for United Way. Don’t be jealous…

I’m kinda broke right now. I have no one to blame but myself, of course. Not completely, not by a long shot, just lighter in the bank account than I’d like to be. I went a little nuts in the past few weeks. It happens. Not often, fortunately, but it happens. I bought books, pans, a pillow, won an auction, got a jersey, paid a collection, and colored my hair, all in a very short time. Or as I like to see it, I supported an independent brick-and-mortar bookstore, acquired high-quality non-stick pans – ceramic, not Teflon, and by Calphalon. They’re amazing – replaced a pillow that was wrong for the way I sleep, thereby eliminating morning headaches – so, for my health – acquired a valuable collector’s item while supporting a worthy cause, acquired another less-collectible item, supporting a no-less worthy cause, got a creditor off my back, and colored my hair, all in a very short time. Sounds much better than “I forgot to keep track of how much I was spending and how much I already spent.” That’s okay, October should be fine – oh wait, I have something to do every weekend, and none of it is free.

I can probably come up with all sorts of reasons why this is the case – I’m readjusting to see how much money I actually have, now that that huge credit card bill is gone; I’m trying to get everything in now before I have to start pinching every penny for the Vienna trip; I see my neph on Monday and I’m anxious, so I’m deflecting by spending money I probably shouldn’t; all the recent deaths (friend’s husband, alumni a few years younger than I, and of course baby Chrisitian) have gotten to me, and so I’m spending money because it feels better; all the really cool stuff happened at once (between August 30 and October 3, if my calendar is correct). Whatever the reason, I know I need to get a grip on it and stop doing it.

I had plans today; I was going to go to the Renaissance Festival with four of my sisters, and a couple of others who might as well be my sisters. I was looking forward to it, even though it’s cold. Seriously, below 60 in October, who’da thunk it? Plans change*, however, and not always for the better. So I’m going to cut this short. I’ll leave you with a few sunny photos. I think there are a lot of us who need a little sunshine right now.

Lytle Taft and Tacocracy_0003a
Great American tower as seen from the Taft Art Museum
Lytle Taft and Tacocracy_0115a
End-of-season rush for the bees in Lytle Park.
Lytle Taft and Tacocracy_0123a
No idea what these are, I just really like them.

Have a good day, and be kind to each other.‡ You never know when a bit of kindness could save someone’s life.†


*Yep, got a call while writing.

‡That doesn’t mean become a doormat or do something you can’t, and it doesn’t have to be a kidney or a new car; hold a door open for someone, smile, say “hi,” something.

†That’s actually not hyperbole; a bit of kindness has saved lives.


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