Suddenly Busy

It’s been a while, sorry. I just finished reading a friend’s blog post, and began to feel a little guilty. Last week was a bit insane. I had about 4 hours to myself that were actually mine, and not borrowed from some other event or activity I opted not to join in the interest of my own sanity.

Sunset Whim_0082a
A bit of peace in the chaos.

Thursday, the 18th, we had a rehearsal focused both on our music series Christmas concert on the 21st, and the Christmas Eve service on the 24th at 11 pm. It was about 9:45 before we finished. Had to run through Christmas Eve; there were an awful lot of new people who’ve never done it before. We had to make sure they weren’t going to set everyone on fire. It was the first one for our new minister, too. He had a little trouble with it, but nothing anyone really noticed or cared about. Certainly didn’t negatively impact anything. Thankfully, I didn’t have to get up Friday morning. I didn’t have to be to work until 11, because I was part of the late coverage for the 19th. Originally scheduled for the 10th – which is also the same day I found out I was the late coverage – I switched with someone else on my team. I had that MBA informational meeting to go to, after all. Still thinking about that one.

Friday night, the 19th, I didn’t get off work until 8pm. I did get to work the last few hours from home, so at least there was that. Soon as I clocked out, I headed to Indiana for a party. Not all that far, honestly. I knew not a soul, other than the host. If you’ve been paying attention, you’ll understand that that is probably the absolute LAST place I wanted to be after a long day and before a long, full weekend. Still, I went because I said I would – and I enjoyed myself. That, I didn’t quite expect. Figured I’d go for an hour, make an appearance, then head back home, but I stayed for a while. I wasn’t even close to the first one to leave. Amazing what a little time with grown ups can do.

Saturday morning, the 20th, we had our dress rehearsal. Unless it’s a particularly complicated piece, we see the orchestra for one rehearsal before the actual performance. A lot of the instrumentalists are familiar; a number of them specifically request to perform with us, which is a nice bit of an ego boost. Saturday morning. As in before noon. After a party that was about 40 minutes away in the middle of nowhere. Glad I’ve managed to get over my fear of driving unlit narrow country roads in the dark. Nothing like a miserable boyfriend to get over those fears. He lived in the  middle of nowhere Colorado, which is a whole other level of middle-of-nowhere, a completely different class. Whereas middle-of-nowhere Ohio means you might be an hour away from help, middle-of-nowhere Colorado means you could be 100 miles or more from help. Big argument, pissed me off, but I couldn’t leave because it was dark, and there might be rouge cattle on the roads, or angry ranchers, or prairie dogs in gangs riding pronghorn herding mountain lions and bears through the darkness. Just about anything, really. Because of that fight, I got over it. Not overnight, but I did.

Right, busy weekend. Where was I?

Maybe not so hard to imagine, if this is accurate...
22 kids, huh? Not quite so hard to imagine, I suppose…

Sunday the 21st, we had our Christmas concert – three cantatas from Bach’s Christmas Oratorio. Bach is, of course, Baroque personified, musically speaking, anyway, and I think not so well demonstrated as in this particular piece. This thing is textbook Bach, textbook Baroque. He out-Bached himself. There’s a bit of repetition, out of necessity (writing every week, and he did have 22 kids), and hints of previous pieces throughout, but there’s also just beauty. We performed cantatas I, V, and VI, auf Deutsch, because that’s how we roll. We even had a bit more information going. A lecture a couple weeks prior, during the early service, led by our director and complete with examples (some of us came and performed snippets for the lecture), provided more background on the piece itself, and during the actual performance, he added a bit more. Part of me dreams of having a theory or music history class with our choral director. The knowledge in his head is unreal. Anyway, It went well, I think. Many of the people I’d hoped could attend weren’t able to for various reasons, but then one I didn’t expect did, and we had sushi after. Good stuff. I haven’t had sushi in a while. Not from a restaurant, anyway. Okay, if I’m honest, not even from the grocery store. My store has a sushi chef on staff. I prefer to get it while he’s there. Nice guy. Not much English.

I wanted to write on Saturday. I really did. I was in too much pain to really think. I needed to take a break, and a few things had to fall by the wayside. Things didn’t really slow down all that much until yesterday. I was off work most of Wednesday, so there was a lunch with friends. We went to Price Hill Chili.* I’d never been there before; I’d only ever gone to the large chains. I meant to get to the single-location parlors, I just never got around to it. Now that I’ve tried this one, maybe I will finally go to the others I’ve been wanting to try. Pleasant Ridge, Blue Ash, and Camp Washington are all on the list. After lunch was a couple hours of rest, then off to my father’s for Christmas Eve with the family, and leaving early for the service at 11. I got there about 10:05, just a little late. That went well, too. I think, though, I’m going to alternate on that. Last year I didn’t go because I lost my voice at the Bengals/Vikings game, so I couldn’t sing anyway. I got to see my nieces and nephews open their gifts. Next year I think I’ll skip the service and stay with the family.

I don’t have any photos to share; I haven’t been out with my camera for fun since before Thanksgiving. It’s been cold and I’ve been tired, physically and emotionally. I see things I’d like to do, I just haven’t done them. Tons of weekends with not much to do, and great weather, then suddenly I don’t have a weekend to myself. Until now. So I’m watching the Doctor Who marathon. I mean really, what else would I be doing? Well, editing photos from the wedding I shot on Thanksgiving – haven’t really had time to devote to that, either, and I need to wrap that up soon. But other than those two things, what else would I be doing? I don’t have to leave the house again until tomorrow evening – going to a friend’s house to watch the first half of the Bengals/Steelers game. Important game. Will probably be brutal.


*Cincinnati chili IS chili, haters! Not spaghetti sauce, chili. Get over it.


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